How much chaos can the cucumber cause in the cat world? Watch as hell breaks loose


The Internet has plenty of cat videos. However, the footage below will leave you in stitches.

Why are cats scared of cucumbers? Mental _floss shared a hilarious compilation of cats that are scared of cucumbers. However, cat experts are warning their owners not to try such pranks on their pets.

The cats are having lunch. When they spot the cucumbers next to them, their reaction will leave you in stitches.

Jill Goldman is a certified human behaviorist. He says that causing stress to an animal is not a good idea.

John Bradshaw, a cat behavior expert, echoes similar sentiments. He says that cats liken the appearance of cucumbers to snakes. Felines are extremely scared of snakes.

The experts also saycats are conditioned to believe their feeding spaces are a safe space. If an intruder came through the backdoor during dinner, your reaction would be no different.

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