I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes When I Saw The Back Of This White Peacock! BEAUTIFUL!


Peacocks are beautiful pheasants. The male peacocks can have tails that range in several feet of beautiful feathers. The markings of a peacock’s plumage resemble’s eyeballs throughout. This design is consistent throughout their long feathery tails. The white male peacock in showing off his long tail as he spreads his feathers. It is cute to watch this bird, as he is strutting around from front to back. He seems to be proud of his beauty and enjoys showing off his amazing snow white feathers. Male peacocks will often show off their spread of feathers to attract the attention of a potential mate.
The white peacocks are a rare version of the peacock family. These birds are not known as an albino bird, but are known to have Leucism. This means they do not have the ability to produce the colorful pigment like other colorful peacocks does. A white peacock is a unique creature to see; especially with the spread of his feathers fully extended. Please share this video!

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