These Newborn Twins Had Rare Conjoined Stomachs. The Doctors Did Unbelievable Work


Prayer is what these two little angels need!

It was early December in The Wolfson Children’s Hospital when Carter Mirabal and Conner were born. The couple under discussion was not ready or planning to have a second child so quickly after having their first son. Upon discovering they had a second pregnancy, they were very delighted once they knew they were going to have twins.  Their happiness was short-lived after discovering the twins had conjoined stomachs. Though they had separate livers, the small intestine was being shared by the two.

Sometimes back, doctors within the hospital did a surgery that lasted for three and half hours with the aim of separating the twins’ intestine. It was successful and they are in good health and recovering.  After recovering fully, they will be subjected to a second surgery.

When reporting to the local news outlets, the aunt termed them as “miracle babies”. She proceeds and says that they ended up and became a blessing as opposed to being a burden.

Kindly wish the Mirabal family all the best so that one day the two will live their lives normally!

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