This Is How People Win ‘The Voice’. Sawyer Did It!


This season, NBC’s The Voice has something you need to check out, and you have to!

Since it came on air in 2011, this show hasfeatured many talented kids, but what they brought us this season is something to be adored.

Sawyer Fredericks is the star that’s been rising, and he seems to be capable of staying on the waves for a long time, unlike what normally happens to many stars that just fade away fast soon after the show.

When this 16-year-old started his rendition of the “Man of Constant Sorrow,” even the judges couldn’t cool it down. The young man’s voice ‘servicing’ the folk song led the judges to a contest on who would land the slot to mentor him.

In fact, even the fans seemed have given him the money right from day one!

But the better moment came when this talented young man took to the stage with his coveted voice on the lyrics of “Old Man,” a hit song by Neil Young. It was such a moment of deep passion and inspiration that he had to win the contest!

Watch the clip and get inspired. Tell us what you think about this guy’s performance. Can he make any farther after the show?

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