What A Mouth-Watering Performance Given By Frank Sinatra And Elvis Presley On TV! Incredible Performance!


This video gives you a chance of meeting Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. The two men are among the greatest icons within the pop music industry. Here, they are doing what they enjoy doing most.

This happened in 1960 when the musical kings appeared on the same stage. This was staged by TV special and each was given the opportunity of singing his song. Sinatra chose to sing “Love Me Tender” while Elvis went for “Witchcraft”. Amazing is what I can call their performance! Surely, this will take you to the times when music was real. Hardly can you get a performance like this!

If you never knew- the special televised “Welcome Home Elvis” of 1960 featured Elvis Presley after he had immediately returned from Germany where he was carrying out military service. Though some people can refer the title of the feature as “It’s Nice to Go Traveling,” its most common name is “Welcome Home Elvis” since it referenced the 3 years he had been away.

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