Pilot’s romantic proposal to girlfriend during a flight warmed everyone’s heart


After dating comes marriage!

Captain Dooly Ellis is a Qantas pilot. He was planning a big surprise for his girlfriend Anna. Anna was on his flight and was traveling to South America to visit her family.

Ellis knew this would be the perfect opportunity to propose. When they were up in the air, Dooley knew it was time to pop the question. He went over to the plane’s intercom and asked Anna for a hand in marriage.

Anna sat in her cabin listening to the announcement unaware it was directed to her. Moments later, Dooley walks out of the cockpit to Anna’s cabin. With one knee on the ground and a ring on his hand, the captain proposes to his girlfriend.

I must admit it is a unique proposal. The look on Anna’s face is priceless too.

Watch what unfolded and let us know what you think.

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