He pours salt and water on the beach, what happens next will make you cringe


Some people will do the dandiest things when least expected. Brace yourself!

One gentleman had the perfect yet most bizarre hack of catching a razor clam. He uses salt and water to unearth a razor that was buried under the earth.

Researchers have revealed that the razor clam cannot stand high concentration of salt. It forces them to evacuate to a palatable and safe ground. Once exposed to such conditions, the razor clam found its way out of the ground to the man’s fingers.

The clam looks like an alien form of life creeping out of the soil. When the man grabs its slimy body, he exposes the rest of the body. The clam is edible.

Watch the intriguing footage below and let us know what you think. Would you eat the razor clam? Share in the comments section.

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