They Saw A Prison Inmate Doing This To A Pit Bull And Started Filming…


This is a prisons program that gives therapy to prison inmates who are about to reintegrate in the society. It is a touchy story involving abused stray dogs that have been rescued by rescue workers and are rehabilitated within the prison systems where they share a life line with the inmates. The inmates are given care of the abused stray dogs as way of learning responsibility, patience and trust. Moreover, it builds confidence between the dog and the inmates because of the experiences they both share.

Their like-circumstances enables them to develop trust and confidence amongst themselves. It also benefits both of them since they need company and care they are best fit for each other. This rehabilitation not only makes them to be responsible but also enables them to learn societal morals that will enable them fit into the society once again. The relationship between the inmates and the dogs is a recap towards a second chance in life that is fulfilling.

It is incredible the way the dogs are rescued and rehabilitated. This story line shows how the inmates got the opportunity to make a difference on their own and submit to second chances in life.

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