There’s Something About Airmen Who Love Rock Songs, And These 6 Want To Show You. It’s So Deep!


If you’re yet to realize that the US Air Force can really rock song, then you’ve been looking in the wrong places. The thing is, besides the military marching bands, there’re about 6 other bands in the US Air Force. Interesting?

But one of these bands really stands out in its great performances, and its name is Max Impact. As the name suggests, these guys really bring some impact in every song they take on. They go around the world doing their thing and promoting the image of the US military and driving up patriotic spirits among the troops stationed overseas. Sounds great!

Now, some time ago, one Nalani Quintello was a contestant in the American Idol competition, even going ahead to try her hand in Hollywood. But Nilani found her place, and she finally ditched her aspiration for Hollywood and entered the Air Force. That’s cool!

In this cool clip, you get to watch this talented lady, now Sgt. Nilani Quintello, as she leads her band in a beautiful performance of their new song, and you can’t help loving it!

This performance left a huge patriotic mark on me, and you’ll get that too. Kindly SHARE this!

"American Airman" – Max Impact

It's here! The world premiere of USAF Band Max Impact's newest original song "American Airman."United States Air Force

Posted by The United States Air Force Band on Monday, September 14, 2015

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