He Was Running Next To His Three Horses, What They Did All Of Sudden? WHOA!


This video is only about four minutes in length and it shows three horses playing on the beach. These horses are all veterans and they are being cared for in the video byDavid Lichman. Called Horses at Liberty this is a charity fund that has tours and shows what the horses can do. They are all well trained and do so without the use of bridles, bits or saddles. Simple use of commands and a tether and nothing else, commands the horses to do what David wants them to do without them being forced.

These horses are seen prancing along the sand, all together in unison. They will even lay down, or on their knees. And the best part is seeing them run, at different paces but just because they can. Located atPt. Reyes, California, there is a link at the end that you can click on for more information about the site, the horses and what they do for them there. There is a special thanks at the end of the video that plays like movie credits, thanking those for their time and service to these great animals. Check it out for yourself and share with your friends if they happen to love horses as well.

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