She Sang This Hymn When She Took The Stage And Left Judges Speechless. WOW!


Koryn Hawthorne, was a participant at, The Voice. Upon stepping onstage, the judges had no notion of what she was capable of delivering to the audience. Not even the audience knew that she could really offer what is known as ‘good music’. Upon stepping on stage, her hands were trembling, but toward the end of her fabulous song, it was the audience who could not stop shaking!

It seems that all knew the talent that she possessed. At the :08 moment in the video ,she takes a deep breath, which make the onlookers look at her with admiration

She had made her mind up, to give out her best performance while singing a gospel song entitled “How Great Thou Art,” which was formally a Christian hymn featuring aSwedish poem dating way back in 1885.

When you clearly take a look at the whole video, you notice that she really loves what she is singing. She is so much carried away in the performance, a clear way of noting.

The show which comprised of millions of spectators, turned out to be a worship service! This incredible wonder occurred in less than two minutes. She will surely become a recognized singer, if she keeps on doing this!

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