See What This Fox Does To The Old Man. Reason? Heart-melting!


Animals need us and we also need them too.  They usually know when they have been help and know how to appreciate incredibly. They are also able to sense when we are in really trouble and help us

Take for instance Jake who was able to identify that his owner was experiencing chest pains. Upon discovering that, he never left his owner’s side and kept following him while behaving strangely. It was Jake who had convinced his owner to go for medical checkup where he was found to have a heart attack.

Just like dogs, foxes have what it takes to be regarded as loyal companions. Cropperis the best example. His owner had adopted him when he had found in a critical condition after an attack. He was taken home and nursed and as we speak is in good health. Since that day, he has never left the side of his friend.

Another example is Tod the deaf fox. He was adopted while he was a young pup and since day he has never his mama’s side

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