When You See Them Perform A 1975 Song, You Won’t Believe They Were Born In 2005… I’m Jaw-Dropped!


To some extent most of the people know that I am obsessed and also have a few serious longing for the days called “classic rock music”.

Between 1960’s and 1980’s was such a wonderful, groundbreaking time for real musicians. This was a long timebefore everything was auto-tuned, suffocated and sampled by bass on the radio. Am longing for incredible musicians like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The doors.

The last band is one of my favorites in my lifetime, one just can’t imagine how glad I was when I came across this amazing video by “Louisville Leopard Percussionists”. In this amazing video, musicians who are young and talented perform an exciting medley of “Kashmir”, “Immigrant”, and the “Ocean Song” performed by Led Zeppelin. Amazingly the founder Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin caught wind and shared the viral video on his Facebook page.

Performing these types of songs is not the easiest thing to do. You will certainly notice the kind of effort these kids put when they perform the classics. Don’t you feel happy when you learn that even kids have a special connection with the past?

I fell in love with this performance – I believe your friends will also do if you SHARE it out with them!

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