She Gives A Disabled Dog A Chance To Live Only To Surprise Many! This is Why It Did


Though born with some disability, nothing stopped Chihuahua aka the tiny BeeBee from enjoying life like other dogs. She was born without shoulder blades on the 4th of July and her caretaker by the name Denise was kind enough to give her the chance to live normally by adopting her.  She had met BeeBee in the nursing home where she worked and right away noticed something special in her that made her adopt her.

She knew that this condition had the possibility of crippling the little dog but that did not deter her.  After taking her home, she hired some engineering students and requested them to make a wheelchair for BeeBee that could look very adorable and functional. The students were from Bollman Tech.  Presently, you can meet BeeBee at Alpine Living Center located in Thornton in Colorado bringing joy and inspiring those she happens to come across. She roams almost everywhere doing this and when tired she snuggles with some of the residents. How lovely!

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