Not A Single Person Expected This From The Cheerleader When She Began Her Routine!


I believe you know what a typical cheerleading routine entails. Talk of having barrel-chested men carrying the smaller one while in a rickety pyramid formation or a group of girls stomping and clapping simultaneously while full of smiles. It is rare to be surprised when you encounter a normal cheerleading routine. Though that is the case, what this lady brings on the table in terms of cheerleading is quite unique. It was after seeing it that we decided it was worthy sharing!

Though those cheering are normally positioned at the sidelines of all sporting events, a lot of coordination and athletic ability is required from the cheerleader. Actually, this deserves to be regarded as a sport of its own kind. However, the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators ( gives us some reason why it has not been considered to be one.

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