Something Adorable Is Captured By The Camera That The Parents Set-Up In The Baby’s Room. Amazing Stuff!


The ecstasy that parents feel when they successful bring a young one to this world can only be better explained by those who have had a chance of doing it. That is what Isabelle’s parents felt when they welcomed a baby girl into their home. If you thought that their happiness was not felt by another party, you are definitely wrong! Billy the puppy also had other ideas in mind of welcoming the little baby.

He hops severally onto the bed of the young one as a way of welcoming the new family member. When you watch him do it, you will understand why I call this adorable. I always fail to understand the special connection that develops between our babies and pets when they are given a chance to mingle!

What does this story make you remember or think about? I think some friendship bond is being created over here!

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