He Stood In The Same Spot For 3 Weeks. When You See What He Was Waiting For? WOW!


When an elephant is in a sanctuary, left to spend his time doing whatever he wants to do, that elephant needs to decide just what he would like to do and how he would like to enjoy himself. Some elephants spend their time with other elephants and enjoy just being around them. Some elephants wander around. This video shares the story of one elephant who spent three weeks of free time visiting a dog who was bedridden. Why would an elephant visit a bedridden dog? This video shares the story of a friendship between two animals. This video shares a story that tells of the bond between these two animals. The elephant in this video and the dog who he befriended are as close as two animals can be. Animal lovers of all kinds will enjoy watching this video and listening to the story of two animals who grew close and who stayed close through all that life brought. Please share.

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