This Calf Surprises Many When Reuniting With His Mother. Am Already Shedding Tears!


Mother-kid relations are considered to be one of the strongest amongst others. Not only human beings have this characteristic, animals too are included in the group. For instance, a cow will never stop to mow if you separate her calf from her.

Karma, a mother cow, was rescued by Gentle Barn animal sanctuary. Rescuers were not aware that Karma’s calf, Mr. Rojas, was hidden by the former owner for the purpose of selling it to a person who will convert it to a dinner at Christmas time. Karma mowed all night long, to which the rescuers realized that she was missing her calf. The rescue team demanded the devolution of the calf of which they got through. The following video shows the reunion of the calf and her mother cow.

Upon spotting a truck stop, she mows in hope of seeing her baby come out of it. No sooner Mr. Rojas alights from the truck wasted, her mother throws a cry that makes you be carried emotionally. Rojas, full of sentiments, collapses at her mother’s feet before getting up to be nursed.

This is a demonstration how strong the mother-kid bond is.

In 1999, at Santa Clarita in California, Gentle Barn was founded, and its giving home to 200 badly abused animals. Apart from keeping animals only, it also keeps children who have been abused, those with special needs and the foster kids. The contact between the animals and the children helps them to become kind, courageous and trustworthy.

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