Teen Arrested After Running Fake Doctors Office Examining Vaginas

The teenager pretended to be a doctor and ran a fake gynecology practice

#1 “Dr. Robinson”

Malachi Love-Robinson, an 18-year-old man from Florida, was arrested on Tuesday after pretending to be a gynecologist and performing a physical exam on an undercover agent.

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#2 Busted by an undercover agent

Love-Robinson was arrested in West Palm Beach. The teenager performed an exam on the undercover agent and gave her medical advice as well.

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#3 Had his own office

The investigators have gathered evidence showing that Love-Robinson ran a medical office and pretended to be a doctor.

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#4 Website and Facebook page

To make his story more believable, Love-Robinson created a website and Facebook page for his practice, which he called “New Birth New Life Holistic and Alternative Medical Center and Urgent Care.”

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#5 Fake certificate

The police department had received a complaint about the fake doctor earlier this month, which led to starting an investigation with the Florida Department of Health and the Palm Beach Narcotics Task Force. Love-Robinson thought nobody be suspicious as he got himself a fake certificate and an online physician profile.

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#6 Practicing without a license

The teenager has been taken into custody on suspicion of practicing medicine without a license. He also received other citations, as well as a notice to cease and desist.

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