The Micro Pigs Are Handed An Apple. The Reaction? Cuteness Overload!


The development of miniature or micro pigs was majorly for medical research purposes within Europe. A few decades back, their introduction into the United States took place and they are part of the adorable pets you can find around. Their little hooves and tiny snouts are out of this world.

Do you think of anything cuter than watching micro pigs feasting an apple while making their funny noise? You will this cuteness incomparable once you watch this two-minute clip.

Within this video, the little pigs chomp down some red apple in their own style. Be ready to be overloaded with cuteness while watching this video. From their attempt to use their tiny mouths to grab the apple while it slips away up to the point where they manage to get some sizeable bite. It’s really adorable!

So as not to make my wife wonder why I needed to have these pigs as pets, I stopped watching this video when reached at a certain point. The chewing and chomping sounds were too much if I needed her to grant my wishes!

If you want to start your day in style, you have to watch these micro pigs do their thing. I really enjoyed it!

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