You Won’t Believe What This Cat Did When Her Owner Carried Her! ADORABLE!


The most affectionate tabby cat in the world hugs her owner like she never wants to let go. This is love isn’t it? When you treat your pet with the love they deserve you will receive the love you want in return. Cats aren’t known for being extremely affectionate, but this guy breaks that stereotype easily. Don’t you wish that you were the owner of a cat that was so affectionate? Many cat owners struggle to get their feline friends to spend time with them aside from those moments when their cats are begging for their daily can of food.

It goes to show that sometimes the least special breeds like tabby cats can really be the most cuddly and most affectionate of all. The camera person seems to draw the cats attention about halfway through the video, but then the cat returns to squeezing her owner almost as if to say, “He’s mine!”

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