What This Parrot Did When His Dad Squeezed Her Tummy Will Make You Laugh! LOL!


One of the most interactive types of pets is the parrot, which can be seriously entertaining. It’s the kind of animal that amazes people and is also highly intelligent. If you want to see how fun owning a parrot can be, just take a look at Kanji. While some pets try to communicate with their owners, and a few types of parrots can mimic speech, this animal does something entirely different.

As the clip starts, a beautiful parrot named Kanji sits perched near its owner. The owner reaches out, gently gives him a squeeze, and the animal suddenly makes a squeaking sound. The bird totally sounds like a rubber duck! Apparently, Kanji has heard the noise before because he’s able to imitate it perfectly. You wouldn’t normally expect to hear a parrot sounding like a squeaky toy, but when this one does just that it’s hilarious. Watch this funny animal video and be prepared to laugh.
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