I Never Expected This From The Musician When I Saw Him Sit In the Snowy Field. Unbelievable Performance!


Amazingly talented piano groups, sounds of strings, horns and bells mark the most incredible time of the year. Piano Guys know exactly what Christmas music is all about when it comes to doing their thing.

I was prepared for an intriguing performance when I discovered two classic carols; “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “The Carol of the Bells” were to be performed.  Though that was the case, I never imagined that Stephen Sharp Nelson’s performance which was over the cello could hit such heights.

As revealed by Nelson on YouTube, he has always loved the two carols and believes they were meant for the Christmas season so as to bring about the expected excitement.  His three children always look forward to this festive season with lots of eagerness and energy and he wanted to capture such anticipation and joy by giving such a performance.

Not a single person can say that Stephen failed to capture the joy with his performance. The beauty of these kinds of festive seasons is always brought out with such worthy performances.

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