When He Throws A Blanket Over The Pup, What Happens Next Has Mom Cracking! Incredible!


After watching this clip, you’ll settle on two conclusions.

One, there’s always some static running through a furry body, and two, regardless of the number of times you repeat the act, the pet will still act funny!

Here is this Yorkie pup having a good time on the chair, and then dad decides to do the act!

He suddenly throws a puppy blanket over the dog’s body as the camera zooms in to capture the moment. When he pulls the blanket off her, something else happens!

There’s something under the blanket, and whatever it is has mom bursting out in laughter – so much that I got worried I might break a bone while I joined her!

Now, watch the pup as she stands there with not the slightest idea of what’s going on. You’ll love this!

The last time we saw a Yorkie and loved it, it must have been Misa Minnie, that dog which could do some very impressive tricks. This time however, there’re no tricks, but this pup surely deserves a good treat after it all!

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