This Tortoise Was Interrupted While With His Girlfriend. What It Did? My Ribs Are Cracking!


You must always learn to excuse yourself before entering!

Seychelles is one of the islands found within the Indian Ocean and is a home to amazing massive tortoises. Paul Rose, who is an explorer came across a worth experience when he paid the tiny republic a visit. Though his visit was for different reasons, he came across a female and male tortoise that were mating. When the male discovered that their privacy was being interrupted, he was unhappy about it. What followed was a hilarious and of the slowest chase ever!

Though outrunning the massive reptile is something that most of us can easily do, no one will love staring at the angry massive animal. Though some of these creatures are big enough for a person to ride on, his state of rage could not have allowed anyone to do it that that particular time. It’s a wonder to imagine that such a huge guy was so small at one particular point. Paul is a lucky man that this animal is not fast enough otherwise we could have been talking about history.
Luckily, he escaped the tortoise’s wrath and may it decided to go back and continue with what it had started. We can’t wait to have more baby tortoises roaming within Seychelles as a result of their actions!

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