Tortoise Tries To Enter The House By Hook Or Crook After Sunbathing. So Funny!


Although many consider the tortoises to be solitary animals, which is very true, but there exists an exception that likes to be in company of family life.

One hot afternoon when this owner was relaxing outside his house, his pet tortoise came over having gotten enough of the sun on his shell. Luckily, he had with him a camera, which he took no time wastage in filming the tortoise, as he decided on his own to break the screen door and enter. The way he just pushes himself to enter the house in a slow motion manner makes me laugh my ribs out. Tortoises are known to be very slow, but I think that the only thing that was disturbing him was the sun and his afternoon treat, so he had no hurry at all. The way he broke this door is a clear message that this owner should put another door designed for the tortoises.

Were you aware that in Seychelles there is an enormous tortoise by the name of Jonathan that is residing at St Helena Island, and has approximately 182 years? If this is real, then he is the oldest animal here in planet earth.

Although he had some tough time to go into the house, the problem lies in getting out of it! Watch the video and find out how he managed to get out of the house. Please SHARE this funny video to all your friends on Facebook!

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