Unbelievable Hoot! Watch How Funny Faces Are Made By This Adorable Owl!


Of all owls around the world, this may be the happiest. Within this video, wide and adorable smiles are made by the rescued snow owl. It is always happy when her human friend is around a thing that makes it prettier.

As revealed by Adam Poley (a You Tube User), whenever the owl sees him, it regularly makes this face. Unbelievable hoot! Since its posting, this video has garnered around 750,000 views and that means it has gone viral.

More adorable owls have featured over the weekend. In a different video, when looking out of the window, Kuu the screech owl notices two crows that are flying around. This makes him to give his caretaker a funny face. His surprise can be seen by having a look at his huge eyes. You can’t resist smiling when you watch this! You will even enjoy more when you watch his reaction when being bathed and massaged.

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