A Unique Reunion That Saved A Dying Man’s Life! Guess With Who!


This story seems to be too good to be believed. The Dodo was the original reporter of this story. A hospital by the name ‘The Baptist Health Corbin Hospital’ within Kentucky which had strict no-animal policy at the time James Wathen was admitted is where this took place. This was an elderly patient who was becoming more and more despondent and ill and as a result they never resisted to grant him his only wish- though it was against the set regulations.

James wanted to see his dog! Bubba was the name of the dog under question. It was a one-eyed elderly Chihuahua. Locating it was not easy as the two had separated when James had been hospitalized.  An Animal Control by the name the Knox-Whitely Animal Shelter picked Bubba and as usual recorded the details of the animal.  Coincidentally, the health of Bubba was deteriorating while under the new found care. The pup looked restless and sad and never ate since it was picked up!

Upon finding Bubba, the hospital rules were overlooked by the nurses and brought the dog to Wathen’s side. Then… the unexpected happened!

When he saw his dog, James could not hold back his tears. Bubba was filled with happiness and did a little dance as he whimpered.  Since then, James started doing well and became more engaged and lucid compared to before. All this was reported by the Chief Nurse- Kimberly Probus.

This video highlights the powerful reunion of the two friends. Not a single individual imaged that the reunion could have had a positive impact on the health of Wathen. Please SHARE this touching story.

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