She only has to utter two words for 15 deer to show up before her


Cheyenne and Thomas Buckner reside in Wapiti, Wyoming. Each winter they receive some guests at their doorstep.
Thomas says that his wife Cheyenne feeds the deer each winter. A few deer have been returning for years, and she has named some of them.

In the following recording shared on 29th Dec 2013, Thomas’s wife walks outside and shouts, “Come on, Come here!” and shakes a blue pail full of food.

If you watch keenly, you will notice a dozen or more deer in a far running fast to the couple’s front territory. “Come eat, come here,” she says.

As she pours the feed onto the floor, only a few of them begin slamming down, but after the others realize all is okay, they all surround. Some have confidence in her a lot that they eat from her blue container.

Thomas says that they have faith in her and come when she shouts and if there is an unfamiliar person close they are unfriendly. Thomas says there two bucks that come and eat of the window. Thomas states that her wife pours 15 neat loads onto the floor so the deer can all eat in their area. She even expands the piles down a pathway where more creatures are waiting.

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