They Have To Be Vigilant Not To Disturb Her. Now See What Happens After They Leash Her. Wonderful!


There’re these rescue heroes that we’re always proud of, and they never let us down. Hope For Paws have rescued so many animals that would have otherwise ended up on the wrong side of life, and they never tire at that. They’re back.

This time, someone called them to Los Angeles, at a river canal where a stray dog was hiding. Considering where the German Shepherd was positioned, the team, even the famous Eldad, couldn’t help getting a little nervous, and they even had to trend carefully to avoid waking her up. Eventually, theysucceeded in putting a leash on her and calming her down with some nice food. They named her Adrienne. So adorable.

They took her to the shelter. She had been running on the hot concrete, and her paws were bleeding. The good guys treated her and she’s now in good health and feeling great in the care and endless pampering of a loving foster family.

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