Wakeboarders get stunned when they spot dolphins doing the unexpected next to their boat


The day Wyatt Miller and other members of the Pro-Windsurf La Ventana wakeboarding crew set out to have fun in the waters, no one expected the nice afternoon to end with a video that’s now breaking the internet with over 17 million views. You want to know what shocked them!

So these guys are wakeboarding at the Gulf of California when they notice a big pod of dolphins swimming right next to their boat. From the look of it, the sea creatures are all happy to have a boat and some amazed humans near them. It’s breathtaking!

The crew couldn’t help but film the “big event.” In the video, you can see the massive pod working its way in the waters next to the boat. This will definitely steal your whole heart. You need to watch the video and SHAREright now. Don’t forget to drop a comment too!

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