This Is Why She Wants To Shoot Herself On Stage. Moments Later… I’m left In Awe!


As revealed by, over 4 million women become victims of rape and physical assault. Each and every year, one out of three women whom are victims of homicide are subjected into such unfortunate conditions by their partners or their former partners.

Leslie Morgan Steiner happened to be in love with a man that regularly abused her and put her life in danger. While revealing this uncouth relationship, she corrects the various misunderstandings people have always had about this kind of violence and how the whole situation can be rectified.  She shows great courage, strength and honesty while narrating the story and is a voice fighting for victims of domestic violence. I was really inspired when I watched her entire story and left challenged.

All this is revealed within the TEDTalks series whereby renowned doers and thinkers are given at most 18 minutes to put across the powerful message they have.

The whole world deserves to access Leslie’s story to help in fighting against this vice!

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