He Never Lost Weight Irrespective Of The Diet He Tried. When Decided To Do This… Everyone Was Stunned!


Being overweight is not the best condition to find yourself in. If you who have been there can testify that!

That’s what we are met with at the beginning of this video and when it comes to an end, you can’t hold your laughter back. Here, we’re meeting Anthony, who from his childhood up to when he was a teenager struggled with his body image and weight. Back in 2009, he had a weight of 200 pounds and by the time he was 17 years, he had reached 215 pounds.

This is not the first time we are coming across a case in which image issues have been under discussion. I hope you still remember Emma Haslam, who never let her weight, prevent her from pole dancing. Though she was a confident case, there are those whose confidence levels are affected when in such a situation.

Despite trying a number of diets, none worked. Over the summer, he decided to give it the last shot – and the diet worked. Four months down the lines, he was able to lose up to 40 pounds. After being committed to the health and nutritious diet, in the end he loses 80 lbs in total. By doing that, he had answered his critics since he never cheated in any way to get there!

Since then, he has never stopped using the right supplements, training and eating healthy. He ended up being an inspiration to many people across the world and as a result lives of many.

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