Watch What Happens When This Adorable Dog Doesn’t Want His Medicine


When this Dog Doesn’t Want His Medicine, he does not run and hide like most dogs would. Instead, of barking or even biting, Denver makes the most adorable facial expressions you have ever seen on a dog! It is almost as if he is trying to smile even though he dreads having the ear medicine put in. It is clear to see, Denver is a dog that listens well to his owner even though he would prefer anything other than having to have his medicine put in.

You will love watching this video where a Dog Doesn’t Want His Medicine. You will laugh out loud at the cheesy grin he gives the camera when his owner says it is time for the drops. You might find yourself wanting to watch it again and again because it is truly that adorable! Denver is a fun dog to watch because he is so animated in all he does. Make sure you share with all the dog lovers in your life.

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