What They Captured While Filming The Scene Of The Accident Shocked Me!


Putting our religious beliefs aside- as we speak, it’s only the dead who know what happens once we die.

Experts have always struggled to answer the above question explicitly… and it takes more than being spiritual to find where the truth is. There are claims that a certain scientist managed to capture a soul while it was leaving a dead person’s body. Presently, different TV shows and movies have depicted death differently, but what you are about to see is yet to be captured – not unless you have watched the video below.

There is nothing strange when the scene of an accident is filmed by the authorities, but what was caught on camera over here sent chills down my spine. This accident took place within the U.K and it left two people injured and one dead. While watching the clip, some faint figure was seen passing where the car wreck happened even though there was no one nearby.
Irrespective of whether you are a believer of ghost or not, it’s is easy to believe that a spirit was moving at the scene of the accident. I’m one of those who don’t believe in ghost but this incident made me think otherwise.

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