Woman’s romantic online date turns disastrous when her date scams her


If you are meeting an online connection for the first time, ensure your guardis up.

Dianne Guilmette met a handsome and intriguing man for a dating site for singles. The two had a promising back-and-forth conversation and the two set up a romantic date at the Morton’s Steakhouse in L.A.

It was a little pricey for Diane but she agreed. Diane noticed her date was ordering expensive appetizers, side dishes, steak, and wine. After eating, he excused himself to make a phone call. He never came back and left her with a $163 bill.

Diane was confused and tried to message him on the dating app. However, the man had blocked her from contacting him. Diane went public to warn other women.

Another woman came forward and shared her ordeal too. The two hit it off well until she noticed some red flags. The man ordered food over $100 citing he was a bodybuilder. The man went to the bathroom and disappeared for good.

The same guy was later arrested for trying to scam someone at the hair salon.

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