You Won’t Resist Smiling Upon Watching This Little Penguin. So Adorable!


The kind personality that one baby penguin possesses has already won the hearts of many. One Zoo located in Russia’s animal conservation program was responsible for the animal’s birth. It was through the care and dedication of the zookeepers that the animal was able to grow healthy and big.

The animal grew up around humans and that allowed the baby African penguin to develop the kind of attachment we’re used to seeing dogs display when around human beings.

As revealed in a footage the zoo released, the animal can be seen on the lap of the handler, uses the mirror and plays with toys. It’s one of the sweetest creature you will love being around with. It’s so adorable when watch the penguin request for some petting before grabbing some sleep.

When you take a lot at the video, you will notice that the caretaker are giving the little penguin the kind of attention and love it deserves. Will you love being near such an adorable creatures even or a couple of minutes?

The zoo posted this clip online with the hope of raising awareness of taking care of such endangered species. Did you love watching the little chick?

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