Their 1979 photos were destroyed by a fire, then 38 years later daughter surprises them


In 1979, Jennifer and Timothy Bing got married. Even if they are still together almost 40 years later, the couple forewent something that every newlywed long for; seeing their wedding photos.

In line with the Inside Edition, the Bings decided to have their pals take photos in their wedding rather than employ an official wedding camera person. In that case, they were ahead of a modern wedding style.

Unluckily, when they delivered the rolls of pictures from their big day at a nearby store, the photos never had an opportunity to be developed. In a mean wind of destiny, the store went up in flames- taking the Bing marriage pictures with it.

Jennifer’s father passed away just two weeks after her marriage. The loss of the photos meant the loss of Jennifer’s last key memory with him.

Fortunately, 38 years later, the Bing’s daughter Ashleigh has happened to a smart camera lady with a golden heart. In an unbelievable act of kindness for her parents, Ashleigh planned a fantastic snap shot to assist them to revive and remember the wedding day, with an album of songs played in their marriage.

Jennifer told the Inside Edition that Ashleigh took them by surprise since it has been 38 years and so there was no reason to expect it. Jennifer had told her daughter that it was a long time, but she was aware how sad it made her mom not have the photos.

Jennifer says that it was extraordinary that she would like to do that for them and put all the sweat into it. Just see these new photos for the Bings in the video.

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