This 3 Year Little Girl Was Lost In The Woods What The Family Dog Did Is Beyond Words!


On one February evening, Victoria, a 3 year old, strolled away from her home and went into the woods behind her home where she got lost. This happened to her, because she had thought that her pet dog had gone missing, so she went in search of her.

It took the rescue groups around 15 hours searching all the place in the rural town. Finally the rescue team on a helicopter spotted her on a dry creek where she was lying down, with her pet dog besides her.

Blue, the pet dog who has been together with Victoria since her birth, had been beside her all the night long when the temperatures were below the freezing point.

When the paramedics reached the place, Blue never let them get closer to Victoria, since they were strangers to him. After Victoria stood up and put a smile on her face, the dog relaxed and they got into the helicopter.

She was noted to be suffering from frostbite, but her family was grateful of Blue for having saved Victoria’s life.  The spokesman of the Sherriff revealed that Blue had kept her warm, gave her protection and companionship during the cold night.

Surely Victoria and Blue are going to be best friends for the rest of their lives. This sorry will not be forgotten, as a pet dog becomes a hero for saving life of a human friend.

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