5-months pregnant lady risks her life tosave a federal agent from a gunfire incident


Heroes come in many forms and shapes.

Shelby Floyd is a stylist working at the Great Clips salon and is five months pregnant. However, that did not stop her from saving someone’s life.

Shelby and her co-workers were at the salon when they had a commotion outside. The three walked towards the door but Shelby went towards the danger.

A man had been shot multiple times. Shelby rushed to help despite her condition. She had been training as a nurse and knew she had to help. Her co-workers were scared for Shelby and their lives too.

Shelby, with the help of others, helped stopped the bleeding. The shooter later died following a self-inflicted shotgun wound.

Shelby later realized the victim was a federal agent from his uniform. Apparently, the agent had once been Shelby’s customers.

Shelby describes the agent as asweet and noble gentleman that deserves respect.

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