This Makes Me Shed Tears! A Couple Buys A Coffin For There Unborn Baby… This Is Why They Did It!


Six and half months into their first Pregnancy, T.K and Deidrea found out that their unborn baby had a DNA disorder by the name Trisomy 13.  This is a fatal disorder since victims suffering from it survive for a few hours or day if they make it at all. Though they were fully aware of this, they gave the unborn the chance of fighting for life without considering terminating the pregnancy.

Thomas was born when time was due and was diagnosed with Trisomy 13. 53 hours after his birth, he was taken home on hospice. The parents were given pain medications and oxygen as a way of curbing the pain. They took good care of him to his last breath and sent him away with the coffin they had bough prior to his birth.

This couple displays some touching form of compassion and show optimism even when they know there is no chance at all!

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