It Appears Like A Lion, Look At What Happens When Dogs Approach. WOW!


Lions are interesting. This particular interest might have started with the stories that were so common in the nineties where he was regarded as “The Lion King.” Some things make one to develop a deeper concern about lions. First, they are at the highest level of the food chain. At some point we have also linked them to a subliminal level due to their level in the food chain. Human’s fascination with top predators goes on to the bears, sharks and snakes.

On the other hand, we are also obsessed with animals that appear on the lower end of the food chain. Even though the dachshund does not appear in any level of the food chain, one may just conclude that the particular breed has only a short time to stay in the wild. Maybe there is something unique about their helpless behavior. At some point it could be the guessed game that is associated to “will his belly touch the floor?”

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