A Baby Horse Comes Up To A Lady. I Crack Up A Few SecondsLater!


Here is Sunny Bayne, she was just walking around when she came across this cute baby horse. They ended-up sharing a memorable moment. In this lovely video shot in Florida, Sunny is on her knees having a good time with the foal.

You have seen kids play, but what happens here between a lady and a horse is just incredible.When the horse gets overwhelmed by all the love, it decides to reciprocate, pushing Bayne over and going on her for a hug. Bayne can’t stop laughing. Watch the two as they roll and hug like kids.

In her original 60-second video posted on her Facebook page on April 17th, Bayne describes the day as of a kind in her whole life, and the video went on to attract as much as 280,000 shares and 10 million views bythe morning of Monday.

It’s so heartening to see such a connection between a human and an animal, and Rupert (the lovely horse) has become an instant celebrity loved in all elderly homes.

Bayne describes Rupert as one of a kind, one horse in a million that took her breath away as well as touched many more millions of people’s hearts. She says she was so thrilled by the horse’samazing reaction even though Rupert was going all over her.

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