This ballet decided to do things differently, watch and see whether you can spot anything odd


Whenever we go out to watch a ballet performing, we look forward to absolute perfection and uniformity. As a result, the audience is normally calm as the performance goes on. While that is the case, things are a bit different in the performance you are about to watch in the clip below.

Some staged mistakes have been included in the performance and it makes the audience laugh all along. When you watch the performance, you might think that the performers are forgetting or messing up with the right choreography, which is not the case. The Vienna State Opera is the stage where this original and unique performance took place.

LudmilaTrayan, Laura Nistor, FranziskaWallner-Hollinek, Anita Manolova, Marta Drastíková and EzterLedan were the ballerinas behind the beautiful performance.

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