A Punk Decides It Would Be Funny To Throw Bricks At Two Innocent Dogs. Then THIS Happens. OUCH…


In any normal day, fire fighters are called to rescue people in different kinds of danger. In other cases some animals in danger may also warrant these fire fighters to come to the scene and save the. This was however not a normal day accident. This dog fell into a 6 inch wide gap between two walls and could not come out of it, poor dog. Well with the people around not able to help out and the owner nowhere near there, the next option was to call the people qualified for this job.

The fire fighters did not disappoint. With their tools and skill they helped pull the dog out of the wall. This was a relief for the dog and his joy was evidenced by how much he wiggled around after being pulled out. This is not something that happens every other day.

For the owner who didn’t see all that, it was a relief not to know how their dog was in there.

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