Biker Decides To Go For An Outing, But Not Without His Dog. What He Does… So Interesting!!


For those who love and own dogs, then they know that during their leisure time, they need to attend to them as if they are their kids. Basically they need to cater for their needs and ensure that they are happy
Even if you share with them some of you treats like the ice cream and pizza, or looking for someplace where they prepare dog meal, so that they can accompany you while you are on an outing. Taking them in consideration while you are engaged in your activities makes it look interesting.
But if you don’t have a car or a trailer to put your dog in when you are moving a far distance, what is the solution?

There are potions that you can take. If your dog is not huge, then you may carry it on your shoulder or put it at the back basket of your bicycle and the problem is solved! If your dog is huge, then something bigger is needed.

In the following clip, we witness a dog being given a ride in a very special way. He rides on some side car that is attached to the bike of the owner. Because my dog is big, and I need to take it out with me, I think this motorcycle trick can work out for me.
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