A Blind Mother’s Life Changed Forever After Delivering.


Nothing is comparable to the very moment the parent sees his or her own newborn kid for the first time.

I had never noticed how individuals take such exceptional moments for granted. I even find it hard to think how it would feel for a blind individual not to get a chance like this to see a miracle they have created.

Kathy Bietz is a blind mother to whom the scene presented itself like a harsh realism. She is 29 years old and leaves in Ontario Canada. This woman suffers from a disease called stargardt which is a genetic eye illness that makes one to lose the ability to see. This occurred to her at the age of 11. Even though she has a slight vision, one can say that she has been in the dark.

Bietz was introduced to a device that enabled her to see her own son as well as her husband. One can just imagine how happy she was just to get out of the dark at such a moment and see her own son.
It is for this reasonthat the eSight company is trying to do its level best to do away with such blindness. This has brought hope to millions around the world.

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