Bull Licks His Human Friend. I‘Ve Never Seen Something Similar Before!


What is common is to see is people demonstrating love and affection to cattle, but the vice versa is rare. This is the reason why we tend to consider these lovely animals different from the rest.

Have the chance to meet a bull called Paul, in the clip below. Paul was recorded having a great time with his human buddy at Hof Butenland, a shelter for animals in Germany.

This wonderful moment just proves to you how nice domestic animals can be to you. It’s surely lovely to watch the way this woman is licked by Paul. There reaches a point in the video where the Paul also sits and waits his human friend to massage him on the head. This bull has surely taken this friendship to another level!

One surprising thing is that this type of behavior from farm animals, is very common at the animal shelter.

Germany’s Hof Butenland, posted a description on YouTube that they are dedicated to save and provide love and affection to animals that have been rescued from being killed for meat, abandoned, abused and exploited. Also it stated that Hof Butenland was to be their permanent home.

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