She Never Gave Running Into The Burning Barn A Second Thought. You Will Be Amazed When You Discover Why She Did It!


Taking responsibility is what one 15 years of age girl did when he rescued horses that were on the verge of death at one burning barn.

Madison Wallraf’s family was headed to McHenry, Illinois when they saw the smoke. Despite pleas from the father who had called 911 not to go near the incident, the 4’10 youngster ignored the pleas and quickly ran towards the barn. She had feared the fire could lead to the death of Red the horse.

When reporting to MSNBC, Madison said she began started the whole rescue process by ensuring their halters were on and then in twos she began pulling then out.  Since the fire was a bit quicker, she rubbed the horse’s ropes into their necks and using her arms pulled them out.

Around 25 horses were saved from certain death by the young girl’s heroic act. Unfortunately, 16 of them were consumed by the fire. She ended up being rushed to the hospital due to smoke inhalation. Luckily, she is now fully recovered and beside her favorite horse, Red.

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