She Looked Like A Normal Dancer, But When She Started Performing… So Mind-blowing!


Rhythmic gymnastics is a world where pure aesthetics and emotion meet with grueling athleticism.

It differs from regular gymnastic competitions since in rhythmic gymnastics, dancers’ routines have incorporated something similar to apparatus hula hoops, medicine balls, ribbons and more. It’s normally associated with tiny athletes and watching these athletes is fun though some of the workouts they subject their bodies into are quite unimaginable. Once you watch this video, you will no longer underestimate a tiny dancer’s power.

Here, Daria Kondakova who is a Russian World Champion in rhythmic gymnastics is using a ball to do some breathtaking routine. Though this may appear like a side show performance, the kind of talent within her is hard to ignore. Everything she does is completely flawless and is enough to show the amount of time she took to perfect all that. I was carried away by her performance a few moments into it.

It is mind blowing how she manages to balance the ball while doing all the moves you could expect any champion gymnast to do. Personally, I know I can manage to do such complex tasks simultaneously. I hope I’m not alone in that!

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